Goldberg Talks Regrets About WrestleMania 20 Match; Wants To Face Austin In Retirement Match

Former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg was recently a guest on the Ring Rust Radio podcast. In this interview, Goldberg discusses who he would like to face in his retirement match, his feelings regarding the infamous WrestleMania 20 match against Brock Lesnar, and why he thought he never clicked with the rest of the guys in the WWE locker room.

On whom he wants to square off against in his final match:

“It would be Austin for sure. Brock would be a good one since we have unfinished business. At the end of the day that everyone clamors for, and I even clamor for, would be Austin and me. There will always be a question mark there unless we were to do something one on one. It’s kind of a match made in heaven.”

Whether or not he was happy with his WrestleMania 20 match against Brock Lesnar, which was Goldberg’s final match in the WWE:

“No, I mean you play the cards you are dealt. At the end of the day, we were up against an impossible task to entertain a group of people that 100 percent know you are both leaving after that match. Utter disdain is what we received from the fans. Would I change anything about? Yeah, I would change everything about it. At the end of the day, if you take it for what it was, it was an interesting match. The overtone was so skewed; it was just such a weird situation and insurmountable task. Would I change anything? Yes. Would I change everything? Yes.”

Why he felt he was not hitting it off with the rest of the WWE locker room:

“Because I was a football player and competitor in life and those were a bunch of fraternity boys.”

As recently as this past summer, Goldberg appeared at a Legends of Wrestling show. The event emanated out of Citi Field (Home of the New York Mets) in Queens, New York. The show ended with Goldberg appearing at the end of the RVD vs. Scott Steiner main event. He speared Steiner and nailed Doc Gallows with his signature jackhammer. Currently, Goldberg is working on an action film called Check Point, which is scheduled to be released next year.

Mark’s reaction:

Unfortunately, Goldberg’s ideal retirement match against Steve Austin will most likely never happen as Austin’s stated multiple times over the years that he does not plan on competing again. Austin’s even recently stated that he’s 99.9% sure he’s had his last match. Of course I’d like to see him compete again, but I don’t think it will ever happen. However, if he ever does and that 0.01% chance comes true, I doubt he’d want to face Goldberg nor would I want to see the match.

I don’t really have much interest in seeing Goldberg compete again. He was fun in WCW, but was never a guy whose matches were spectacular. His matches were usually short and he was pretty limited in the ring. It would be fun to see him make a surprise return and have a match with someone, but odds are that match is going to be extremely short and he’d have to go over which means somebody else is getting buried by a 48 year old Bill Goldberg. If anything, a spot in next year’s Royal Rumble sounds more reasonable. We’d still get to see that cool entrance of his and he could wipe out some guys with spears and jackhammers. It could sort of be like Diesel’s Royal Rumble moment in 2011. I’d like to see it happen.

Would you guys like to see Goldberg have one more match with the WWE? If so, who would you want to see face off against? Perhaps a 5 minute hoss fight against Ryback? Comment below and let us know.