Goldberg – “I Have The Ability To Shock The World, I Beat Brock In 90 Seconds”

Goldberg has discussed the element of surprise playing a part in his chances at SummerSlam, harkening back to his shocking win over Brock Lesnar in 2016.

At Survivor Series 2016, Goldberg ended a twelve-year exile from the wrestling business as he once again stepped in the ring with Brock Lesnar. While nobody expected an hour-long technical masterclass from the two heavy hitters, jaws dropped when Goldberg put the ultra-dominant Lesnar away in under ninety seconds.

Speaking to DAZN, the challenger for Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship at SummerSlam says when he’s in the ring, anything can happen:

“I think because people believe that since I’m here, I have the ability to shock the world at any moment. I have the ability to bring violence to a level that they have never seen in the ring and that they are not used to seeing. And so with that chance, with the option of that always happening, I beat Brock in 90 seconds. Nobody saw that happening. Nobody saw that coming.”

“My character has always been based upon surprise. I’ve been able to do things that people have bet against me and been able to come into and out of situations that logically, I wouldn’t really have a chance. But I’m freaking Goldberg, so I’m different than 90 percent of the people. I still believe that people have that in the back of their minds like, ‘Oh sh*t, what’s gonna happen? Who’s gonna get sacrificed tonight?’ I think I still, at this age, I’m able to bring something to the table that very few people can still do, whether they’re in their prime or not.”

During the conversation, Goldberg also gave his thoughts on the outspoken former US Champion Riddle. Riddle has not been shy about bad-mouthing the former WCW Champion in the past, berating his in-ring work much to Goldberg’s consternation.

Goldberg challenges Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam on Saturday, August 21st.