GFW Announces Alberto El Patron Has Been Suspended Indefinitely Due To Alleged Domestic Violence Investigation

Alberto El Patron, the current Global Force Wrestling Champion, has been suspended by GFW. The following statement was issued by Global Force Wrestling and also appears on today:

Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.

The reason for the suspension is because Alberto is being investigated for a domestic incident involving his fiancee Paige, who is a WWE wrestler. The incident happened at the Orlando airport. The story first became public on Monday when TMZ reported it and Paige later commented that there was no issue.

Also on Monday, TMZ reported that a woman witnessed the incident with Alberto and Paige and said that there was definitely some arguing going on. That was followed up by TMZ releasing an audio recording of Alberto and Paige arguing.

As of this writing, no formal charges have been filed against Alberto by the Orlando police, but it is being investigated.

As far as Impact Wrestling goes, they have three more weeks of Impact Wrestling to air with Alberto as a featured star on those shows.

Jeff Jarrett, who is the Chief Creative Officer of GFW, commented on the situation during a media conference call today.

According to ProWrestlingSheet, Jarrett said that this incident won’t cause GFW to edit Alberto out of their recently taped shows while noting that GFW is still looking into the matter to try to find out what happened. Jarrett said he was talking to others in sports and knows that there’s never a “absolutely correct decision” you can make in a situation like that.

This is an unfortunate situation that is ongoing. We will update when there is more news.