Gable Steveson Reveals WWE Championship Aspirations

Gable Steveson stands in front of US flag

WWE rookie Gable Steveson has made it clear that he is aiming for the top titles in the company, naming WWE Champion Big E and Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the Superstars he wants to mix it up with.

Olympic gold Medallist Gable Steveson was signed to WWE on September 9th and stunningly bypassed NXT by being fast-tracked to Raw in the recent WWE Draft. While being part of the Raw roster, Steveson will also remain with the University of Minnesota and defend his NCAA Division One title.

In a new interview on WWE After The Bell, Steveson explained that he wants to head straight to the top of WWE and face Roman Reigns “right now”. As well as the ‘Tribal Chief’, Steveson went on to put the ‘Conquerer’ Brock Lesnar on notice as well.

“I’m looking to mix it up with Roman. I really like Roman right now, what he’s doing. He’s perfect, he has the look, the talk, everything about him is perfect. I’m looking to mix it up with him and obviously, Lesnar. We have two NCAA champions in our own city getting after it. I’d like a face-to-face with Brock Lesnar and a face-to-face with Roman Reigns. Those guys are doing a good job.”

Turning to Monday Night Raw, Steveson said that, as a “title-seeker”, he would set his sights on WWE Champion Big E,

“I am on Monday Night Raw, so right now, I’d like to take care of Big E because he’s the champion. I’m title-seeking, I’ve always been a title seeker. Gold medal, NCAA championship, anything else I’ve accomplished and now that WWE belt, whether it’s Monday night, Friday night, I love to be that person that people show up to watch. Wherever Gable is, that show ends up being perfect.”

While Gable Steveson is aiming high for his WWE career, there is still no confirmation on when he will make his debut.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.