Former WWE Superstar Fandango Gets New Tattoo In Tribute To Brodie Lee

The late Brodie Lee/Luke Harper meant a lot to so many people in pro wrestling and one of his good friends Fandango has paid tribute to Brodie with a new tattoo.

Jon Huber is the real name of Brodie Lee, who worked for WWE as Luke Harper. During his run as Harper, he was part of the heel Wyatt Family group that was led by Bray Wyatt. After the group split up (far too early in the opinion of most fans), Harper went to have some success as a singles wrestler when he captured the Intercontinental Champion.

Following his run as a solo act, Harper was with Bray Wyatt again and became a Tag Team Champion with Randy Orton. After that story ended, Harper was back to teaming with his Wyatt Family “brother” Erick Rowan. This time the duo had their names shortened to simply Harper and Rowan aka “The Bludgeon Brothers.” They would go on to be a dominant team for about a year with a run as Smackdown Tag Team Champions as well. By the end of 2019, Harper was frustrated in WWE and was released in December of that year.

In March 2020, Harper moved on to sign with All Elite Wrestling where he used his wrestling name from the indies, Brodie Lee. Upon his AEW arrival, Lee got the biggest singles push of his career as leader of The Dark Order group and then he won the AEW TNT Title in August 2020 from Cody Rhodes in dominant fashion. Cody won the TNT Title back from Lee in a Dog Collar Match in October 2020 in what would be Lee’s final match. Sadly, Brode Lee passed away in December 2020 due to a serious illness. Brodie was married and had two sons, the oldest of which is known as Negative One in the Dark Order.

Brodie’s popularity amongst his peers was evident after passing. One former colleague in WWE got a new tattoo to pay tribute to Brodie. Former WWE Superstar Fandango (who also wrestled as Johnny Curtis in WWE) tweeted an image of a Brodie/Harper tattoo with the “YEAH YEAH YEAH” phrase that Brodie liked to yell to get a reaction.

It is a reminder of this photo from several years ago when members of the WWE locker room wore Harper’s new “YEAH YEAH YEAH” shirt to support their friend.

Fandango had a long career in WWE going back to when he signed a developmental deal in 2006 and then he was released from his WWE contract on June 25, 2021. Fandango was a part of the NXT tag team known as Breezango. They were former NXT Tag Team Champions together.

Fandango is using the name “Dirty Dango” for his career on the independent scene and wherever he’s headed to next.