Former NXT Star Jake Atlas Announces He’s “Stepping Away From Wrestling”

Jake Atlas is a talented former WWE NXT superstar that announced on social that he is stepping away from wrestling at the age of 26.

This past Sunday at Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor show, Atlas lost a match to Taylor Rust, who was also formerly in NXT as Tyler Rust. The match ended suddenly, which led to speculation that Atlas may have been injured during the match.

Atlas, whose real name is Kenny Marquez, posted on Twitter that he wasn’t injured. Instead, Atlas explained that he wants people to take your mental health seriously. Here’s his message:

“I’m not concussed or ‘banged up.’ I simply just can’t keep going anymore. Take your mental health seriously, both for yourselves & for each other, because we only have one life to live. Thank you to anyone who did support me for 5 years. I didn’t do much, but what I did was fun.”

“I’m stepping away from wrestling completely right now so please don’t ask me to do interviews/appearances. I’d like my privacy to be respected. At 26 years old, I’ve got my entire life ahead of me & I’m choosing to explore completely different industries to find my passion again.”

“Unfortunately, it was unhealthy for me the entire time. I just learned how to hide it really well. I hope that friends & fans I’ve made alike continue to support me no matter what.”

“I have major anxiety just having done that, please be sensitive. Thank you.”

Earlier this month, Atlas went on Twitter to thank WWE for helping him with mental health issues. Atlas wrote: “WWE paid for 6 months of my therapy & quite literally saved my life. Not everything is what it seems. People who are truly suffering from mental illness learn how to hide it well. Reach out.”

Atlas signed with WWE in 2018, he wrestled regularly on NXT and 205 Live before he was released by WWE on August 6th of this year.

We wish Kenny/Jake the best going forward. As he said, please take your mental health seriously.