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Former TNA World Champion and currently Undefeated and Unbeaten star Ethan Carter III “ECIII” joined “Multi-time Award Winning” The Rack Thursday Night. In a nearly 12 minute interview, he discussed the recent planned move of Impact Wrestling to Pop TV, his thoughts on the live premiere special on January 5th, his thought son the World Title Series and being thrown into the series, TNA’s ability to try new things, what does 2016 have in store for ECIII, some of the challenges when being new and creative, who he has most/least enjoyed working with in TNA and much more.

How does he feel about TNA Impact Wrestling’s move from Destination America over to Pop TV: “I’m very excited for the move. I mean, Pop TV has already shown they are going to be a great partner to ‘tag team’ with. They’re very excited to have us and their slogan is ‘We’re fans too’ and I think that’s very good and resembles the product that we bring because we’re fans of what we do too. So, I think combining those two companies: that network and this product, I think it will be a great, great matrimony of fun and pleasure and wonderful entertainment.”

How does he feel about TNA going live in January for the Pop TV Debut: “Yeah, absolutely, because I love doing TV and I love doing it live because you can’t make a mistake. Everything has to be perfect and everything has to be pristine and it adds a little bit of pressure to what you are doing but pressure is good- it makes you better and January 5th live on Pop TV, our first episode is going to be blockbuster and gangbusters and I’m very much looking forward to opening the show as the 2-time, unbeaten, World Heavyweight Champion, first time in wrestling history. It’s pretty cool.”

His thoughts on ‘being thrown into’ the World Heavyweight Championship Series: “Definitely, that’s great verbiage- ‘unjustly thrown into it’. The whole Title series shouldn’t even be taking place, I should just have been given back the World Title as I was robbed of it, but alas it is taking place and I can’t change that- the only thing I can do is win the whole frickin thing.”

The concept behind the World Title Series and so many people being included: “I mean the World Title Series in wrestling, the people vying for the top championship of the promotion is only a handful of guys, 3 or 4 maybe. Right now, 32 people had an opportunity to show their worth and get a chance to be a World Heavyweight Champion. We’re whittling it down to the Round of 16, after this Wednesday, there will be 16 people and a lot is on the line and a lot of people to impress but it’s an interesting concept- everyone had an opportunity, everyone gets a shot and if you’re into everyone having an opportunity and a fair shot, it’s very cool. Me, personally, I’m only into me getting a fair shot but alas, I’m not the one making the decisions; great for everyone else but me.”

On TNA’s ability to try new things: “I love the idea. It’s 2015, going on 2016- it’s very hard to be innovative in entertainment and trying new things and thinking outside the box while not resting on the laurels of the past and what’s cool about it is we have the opportunity to try new things and I think it’s been a far greater success than anyone has anticipated.”

What does 2016 hold for ECIII: “I would mark 2015 down as the best year of my life. Now, I beat a couple of legends, became World Heavyweight Champion, ascended to the very top of the industry, I got two cats- that was a big deal in 2015. Again, very big year for me, but you can’t rest on what you did in the past and 2016 is a whole new year. There’s more pressure on me and people will be chasing after me and I welcome that challenge and looking forward to that very much. As far as my personal goals, I mean, winning the World Title Series, capping off the year being two-time unbeaten Champion, opening the show January 5th live on Pop TV on Impact Wrestling as the World Heavyweight Champion and then holding it for the whole calendar year; that’s my goal.”

What challenge does he see in being new and creative: “I don’t think that biggest challenge has come yet because evolution is very important and from the day I walked in to today; I guess the evolution came about with being more aggressive and confident in the ability to win, but I think my biggest challenge is yet to come as far as evolving who ECIII is. And I think 2016 will be the year we see it.”

Who has ECII both most and least liked of have faced in TNA: “I have a favorite and a least favorite. My favorite would be Kurt Angle because he’s the greatest wrestler to have ever lived and I was able to learn a lot by overcoming the odds and defeating him, so that would be the greatest. And my least favorite would have to be Matt Hardy because all of this misery is because of him. He’s conniving and generally evil, I dislike him very much and I look forward to being the one person to knock him out of the World Title Series and then out of wrestling in general.”

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