Dutch Mantell Recalls When Scott Hall Was Fined After Flight

Scott Hall’s name is in the news for the wrong reasons following Dark Side of Ring’s episode about the 2002 WWE “Plane Ride from Hell.” Former WWE manager and wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell is sharing another story about Hall that ended up with a plane that was greeted by “armed uniformed officers.”

The season 3 episode of Dark Side of the Ring focusing on WWE’s Plane Ride From Hell covered a chartered flight from the United Kingdom to the USA in 2002. It’s a story that a lot of fans know about because wrestlers that were part of it have told stories about it for nearly 20 years.

The episode made headlines for the wrong reasons following comments from a flight attendant about the bad behavior of Ric Flair and Scott Hall in particular.

Dutch Mantell recently appeared on Smack Talk. Mantell has been part of the wrestling business as a wrestler, manager and member of creative teams for nearly 50 years. Mantell worked for WWE as a manager named Uncle Zebekiah and later Zeb Colter. Mantell recalled when Hall and Savio Vega got in trouble on a flight:

“Savio Vega and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) is on there. He shaved Savio’s eyebrows. Savio got up and looked, then he cut his hair, and then they started throwing food. I woke up, and there was a fork sticking in the ceiling and food everywhere. So when we got to London, we had armed uniformed officers meet us and we were [originally] told we had to go to Munich. We had to go through London to Munich on British Airways. [The Officers] told us we weren’t going to British Airways because they had kicked us off the flight . . . Finally they booked another airline. We were told that [if] one person [was] out of line, you’re fired. I think Razor and Savio got fined a thousand dollars before they even got to London.”

After the Dark Side of the Ring episode aired and got a lot of negative attention, Ric Flair saw his advertising campaign with Car Shield “paused” for now. Tommy Dreamer, who also appeared in the documentary, and made some questionable comments, is also reportedly suspended by Impact Wrestling.

Scott Hall is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer for his singles career as Razor Ramon and for his run as a member of the NWO group as well.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription