Dutch Mantel Critical Of Recent AEW Segment – “Worst Interview Almost Ever”

A recent interview on AEW Rampage has been called “the worst interview almost ever” by wrestling legend Dutch Mantel.

“Dirty” Dutch Mantel has been part of the wrestling business as a wrestler, manager and member of creative teams for nearly 50 years. Mantell worked for WWE as a manager named Uncle Zebekiah and later Zeb Colter.

This past Friday on AEW Rampage from Arthur Ashe Stadium, the main event was a tag team match between Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston versus Lance Archer & Japanese wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki.

One of the common practices on AEW Rampage is for Mark Henry to interview the wrestlers competing in the main event for a split-screen interview. In this case, Henry tried talking to the wrestlers, Archer spoke up and then Suzuki spoke in Japanese. It also led to a response from Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley although it was hard to really understand what they were trying to say while Kingston was fumbling around with his shirt.

During an appearance on Smack Talk, Dutch Mantel spoke about how it was a mess from the start although it was not Henry’s fault:

“Mark Henry’s interview has to go down in the annals of the worst interview almost ever because Kingston was talking, Moxley was talking, then Suzuki trying to say something, then Mark Henry is trying to decipher that. I’m going what the hell is going on. It wasn’t Mark’s fault but it wasn’t good.”

Following the interview, the foursome went on to have a brutal tag team match, which Mantel was a fan of:

“Now, Suzuki, I liked him. You know how many bumps he took in that match? Zero. That was the best match of the night though.”

The brutal Lights Out match ended when Kingston put a trash can on Archer’s head and beat on the trash can with a kendo stick. Kingston pinned Archer to get the win for his team.

h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription