Dean Ambrose Will Be A Guest On The Stone Cold Podcast Monday, August 8 After WWE Raw

The Stone Cold podcast will be returning to the WWE Network on Monday, August 8. Like previous episodes, Steve Austin’s podcast will air immediately after Raw and his guest will be none other than Smackdown Superstar and WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose.

Austin’s last Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network was on June 20 when he interviewed “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles.

Mark’s reaction: This should be a great episode of The Stone Cold Podcast. I really enjoy Austin’s interview style and I think his personality and Ambrose’s personality will mesh well. Some topics I’m expecting them to cover are: the comparison’s to Brian Pillman, The Shield, winning the WWE Title and the brand split. Also, after watching Ambrose’s chat on Table For 3 with Cesaro and Kevin Owens, he also seems like a guy with a lot of ideas on the wrestling business and how it should be shaped going forward. This episode of The Stone Cold Podcast should be a very interesting watch.

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