Dean Ambrose Discusses WWE Career So Far In Pittsburgh Wizard World Q&A

Dean Ambrose appeared at the Pittsburgh edition of Wizard World Comic Con over the weekend. He was there posing for photo ops with fans and signing autographs (see my profile picture below with Paige in Chicago to better understand this experience), and also participated in a Q&A. Not every wrestler appearing joins in on one, and when you factor in that the forum is open to some of wrestling’s most diehard fans, you get some pretty pertinent questions.

Ambrose on The Shield breaking up:

When you’re on a good little money train sometimes you don’t want to get off of it, but also, I think, we all pretty quickly realized that it was actually probably the best time.

Ambrose on why his WWE career has been successful:

Just coming in every single night and outwork everybody and try to steal the show every single night and I think eventually the fans appreciated that work ethic and that’s when people starting liking us in the first place.

Ambrose on his favorite WWE match, 2012’s TLC match between The Shield and Team Hell No with Ryback:

It was such a high pressure situation and it came off so good, so it was a very fond memory for me.

Ambrose on house shows:

You have these magical moments in these live events that are never captured on film and that only live on in your memory. Those are always my favorite.

Ambrose on hating ladders:

I hate ladders. I don’t mind heights, but I hate getting hit with ladders and falling into ladders. Anything where there are ladders involved or inanimate, unpredictable objects or multiple people gets dangerous.

Ambrose on a reunion with Solomon Crowe:

Stranger things have happened. He’s going to do real good. He’s one of the many great talents down there [in NXT] and the cream always rises to the top and you’ll see more of him.

Ambrose also mentions that he loves still teaming with Roman Reigns because of their similar hard work ethic, and that the ladder match against Seth Rollins this past June was his toughest WWE match to date.

It seems like a solid questionnaire full of typical questions that most wrestling fans would love to ask. It’s also worth noting that these interviews are very relaxed (WWE isn’t there recording anything, meaning it’s also less PG than the standard product) making for an extremely worthwhile outlet for the most vocal fans to interact with their favorite superstars.

Pretty much everything Ambrose says is something I fully agree with as well; ladder matches are especially dangerous. That powerbomb he took straight through the middle of one at WrestleMania 31 was devastating and one of those moments where you were just hoping the receiver of the impact is alright.

It’s also easy to see why he enjoys house shows; there are very little time constraints, and since the match isn’t dictated upon telling a story the proceeds are mostly centered on actual wrestling talent.

I’m not familiar with him previously teaming up with Solomon Crowe on the independent circuit, but I like what I have seen from him so far on NXT and wouldn’t mind them teaming up in the future.

Ambrose’s career has indeed been successful thus far, so it’s only a matter of time before he accomplishes even more prestigious accolades, going on to conduct more great interviews. He’s actually my favorite member of The Shield simply because he reminds me of an amalgamation between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. Tell us what you think below.