Daniel Bryan Says WWE Is Creating Tag Titles & Women’s Title For Smackdown

As of right now, Monday Night Raw has an advantage over Smackdown Live in terms of possessing championship titles. Raw has the WWE Women’s Title, Tag Titles, United States Title and after SummerSlam they’ll have a brand-new Universal Title. As for Smackdown, they only hold the WWE Title and the Intercontinental Title.

While those titles are the two most revered championships in WWE history, it’s still only two titles to Raw’s four. Smackdown isn’t lacking a tag team or women’s division either, so not having a championship for their wrestlers to compete for can be disheartening.

However, as most expected, Smackdown will be introducing new tag team and women’s titles in the near future. Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan revealed this news yesterday. Bryan appeared as a guest on the Bear Hug It Out podcast yesterday where he talked about bringing a women’s title to Smackdown and how he’s proud that Smackdown holds the “real” world championship.

“It’s great to have the only “real” world championship on SmackDown Live … I’m not against them creating the [Universal Championship].

“We are going to do that for the women on SmackDown Live, but we are taking our time with it to make sure we do it right. They all of a sudden the very next night are like ‘we’re making a title that’s called the Universal title! It’ll be even bigger! You’re going to be the champion of the galaxy!’ All this stuff, and it’s like ‘uhh, OK, maybe a little patience.’ That’s kind of my thinking on that.”

Later that night, on the Smackdown post-show “Talking Smack”, Bryan announced that new tag team titles will soon be making their way to Smackdown. You can watch Bryan discuss this in a short video below with Renee Young and American Alpha.

Thanks to Fox Sports for the transcription.

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