Daniel Bryan Says Third Doctor To Decide His WWE Fate

Daniel Bryan spoke recently with IGN to help promote the release of the upcoming WWE2K16 video game. Subjects talked about were not only the game itself but his status right now but what his future could hold.

Asked about his current wrestling status, Bryan commented,

“So, we don’t know. I had a concussion in April, and obviously they’re very hyper-sensitive about concussion stuff right now. One neurologist who specializes in concussions – who was the neurologist for the Super Bowl last year – cleared me with no limitations. All my testing came back excellent. But the WWE’s medical doctor is skeptical, because of my history of concussions and that sort of thing. So they will not clear me. So now, we have two doctors: one saying no, one saying yes. They’re going to send me to a third doctor at some point in the near future and that doctor will decide my fate.”

“The WWE doctor Joe Maroon [is] amazing and highly respected in the concussion field, and if they send me to a third neurologist who’s also highly respected in the concussion field and they say literally no…well, then is it really smart to go against two doctors? I get all fired up…and then I’m like, maybe that’s not the best thing for me and my family going forward.”

Going forward, what would Daniel do if WWE fail to clear him to work for them,

“John Cena and I actually had this discussion. He said, ‘if something were to happen to you and the WWE, would you go back to doing the indies?’ Absolutely!”

He also mentions that he would like to get involved with the lucha style of wrestling, to wrestle a hair v mask match and main eventing a CMLL anniversary show.

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Ski’s Take – As a lifelong Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan fan, I really hope his in-ring career isn’t over. Waiting for so long for him to get to the top of the mountain, just for it to be cut short so cruelly, heartbreaking. Bearing that in mind, I 100% wholeheartedly agree with fellow TJRWrestling columnist TJ Love and his assessment of the situation (see here for his thoughts). I won’t repeat what he wrote as I think you should read the article in it’s entireity, but again, I totally agree with the comments made.

The last thing we need is for him to think he has to hurry back to competition for us fans, and gets injured, maybe even more seriously. The more I think about the ending of the film The Wrestler, the more I think it could actually happen in real life.