Daniel Bryan Posts About In Ring Return

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan posted on his Instagram account a short video highlighting a possible return to the ring.

It is merely a short video of him working out and doesn’t mean anything in terms of when he might return, but it has done a good job of getting people talking.

Ski’s Take – So here begins the comments about Bryan training and getting ready for the Royal Rumble!

Personally, as long as he is fit and healthy, then I desperately want him back at the Rumble. His presence is sorely missed and the WWE could do with his star power as they are missing so many others with the growing injury list that they have.

All of this is dependent on Daniel being 100%, and we’ve all heard for months now that he’s still not been passed fit by WWE medical personnel. Maybe it was all a work and Uncle Vince was always keeping Bryan back until the Rumble rolled around? Or maybe the WWE are over cautious, what with the concussion lawsuits in other sports as well as against them, they don’t want any talent to sue them and are playing super safe. Who knows? All I do know is that not just the WWE, but the industry itself is missing Daniel Bryan, and his return can’t come quick enough.