Daniel Bryan Comments on His WWE Future, Changing Styles, Teaming with Kane

Daniel Bryan’s return to the WWE ring is one of the best stories in the wrestling business this year. It’s been a lot of fun to see him back in a full time role, but there are questions surrounding his future. Bryan’s WWE contract expires on September 1, which is information he has shared in the past. Will he stay or go? Nothing is official yet, but Bryan revealed where his head is at.

Bryan was interviewed by a friend of the site Sharon Lee of the Business Times, Bryan sounded optimistic about staying in WWE.

“The wrestling world is an interesting world right now, but I love working with WWE and my wife (Brie Bella) is a part of WWE and so there’s a good chance I’ll re-sign.”

It makes a lot of sense since Bryan has been a part of the WWE for the entire decade. Like he said, Brie is part of WWE as well. The couple is a part of two reality shows (Total Bellas and Total Divas), so Bryan leaving may affect that as well. They are likely making millions of dollars doing those jobs as well, so why leave? I’m sure there are questions about the schedule because Bryan has mentioned wanting to wrestle less, so maybe that will be something covered in his next contract.

Bryan also mentioned changing his in-ring style after missing three years of action due to concussion issues.

“There are things I’ve taken out and things I’ve added in. I’m slowly and surely doing a more mat-based wrestling style. I started to use a heel hook to beat people, grounding my style a little bit more while keeping it exciting.”

Bryan was also asked about teaming with Kane to form Team Hell No again.

“I love teaming with Kane. When we were tag team champions in the past, that was really one of the most fun parts of my career and so I’m looking forward to getting back with him and doing it.”

There’s plenty more in the interview with the Business Times, so check it out here.