D-Von Dudley Shares Funny WWE 24/7 Title Ice Cream Story From Raw

D-Von Dudley has discussed how he and the Raw superstars competing for the 24/7 Title got more than they bargained for during their ice cream truck skit on Raw. The comedy segment that aired provided laughs and it’s even funnier when learning about more behind the scenes.

As WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie recalled his early life not being able to afford ice cream in his youth or having any change stolen from him by neighbourhood bullies, a strange mass of leaves appeared to be following him. As Reggie approached an ice cream truck, he ordered two cones before offering one to Truth who he seemingly knew was following him, and then gave one to Akira Tozawa who was hiding in a nearby bin.

As Truth and Tozawa slowly realised that they had been duped out of winning the title with some ice cream, Reggie juked, jived, skipped, and flipped his way out of the situation by apparently stealing the ice cream truck. What eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted however was as Reggie was driving away, a concerned citizen gave chase – which was definitely not in the script.

WWE Hall Of Famer D-Von Dudley was a producer for the segment and speaking on his Table Talk podcast, he recalled the incredible scene:

“This week, we did it outside on location and there was a camper there on the side. You can’t really tell the person to leave. As we’re doing it, Reggie jumps off the ice cream truck, does his flips, jumps into the truck, and as he starts to leave, the guy comes out of the camper, he’s got suspenders on and his belly is out, he’s barefoot, has no teeth, it’s phenomenal. He comes out screaming, ‘What the hell are you doing? You can’t do that! You can’t steal the ice cream truck! That’s illegal!’ He’s running after the truck. You can’t write this. Tozawa and Truth continued their verbiage and what they were saying. We never said cut, we continued to roll until they were done.”

“Once they were done, everyone fell out laughing. Everyone said, ‘We have to put it on the show.’ I said, ‘I don’t think that’s going to happen.’ We did another re-take and had to tell the guy what was going on and that it was part of WWE. The guy was like, ‘WWE, you mean that pro wrestling stuff?’ We asked him to stay out of the way, there are restaurants and he goes, ‘Can you buy me lunch?’ I felt like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, ‘Jules, if you give that nimrod money, I will beat him on sight.’ We did a retake and someone said, ‘Let’s show Vince.’ We showed Vince and he said, ‘I love it. Do that one.’ We put that one in there.”

While Reggie is still the current 24/7 Champion, the title is synonymous with R-Truth who has not minced his words in regards to the newest AEW recruit, CM Punk.

h/t Fightful for the transcription