Curtis Axel Tweets About Wanting More In WWE; Responds To Fans On Twitter

WWE Superstar Curtis Axel took to Twitter last night (right around the time Monday Night Raw was concluding) to air some frustrations about how he’s currently being used in the company. Earlier in the year, Axel was playing a parody of Hulk Hogan. It first started with him using the phrase “Axelmania” but eventually turned into him dressing up in Hulk’s famous ketchup and mustard, wearing a fake mustache, copying his move set, and even coming out to the ring with Hogan’s entrance music. However, ever since Hogan’s fiasco over the summer where he was labeled a racist, the WWE parted ways with Hulk and subsequently the “Axelmania” character. Since then Axel has rarely been on WWE television at all and it seems to be getting the former Intercontinental Champion upset:

Following that tweet, several people responded to Axel negatively, to which he answered back:

Mark’s reaction:

Axel’s frustrations are understandable. He’s a very talented wrestler who hasn’t been used on television in a very long time. The WWE does this with so many wrestlers where they’ll just sideline them until they figure out something for them to do. Problem is, they never usually come around to ever figuring anything out and therefore these wrestlers seemingly fall into obscurity. Axel’s not the only one as the same has happened to guys like Damien Sandow, Fandango, and Jack Swagger. Why not throw any of these four guys in a tag team? The roster is crowded but people have proven (ala New Day) that becoming a tag team can help you stay relevant and get over with the crowd. It’s better than not doing anything with them at all.

The issue with Axel always used to seem like it was his charisma that was holding him back (which is why he was paired with Paul Heyman). However, even before his Axelmania character went into full Hulk Hogan mode, he was quite entertaining. He was getting pop from the crowds on Raw when every week he’d come out and tell us how he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble. Although his tone of voice sounds sort of monotone, what he had to say was pretty funny. Axel definitely still has something to offer the business. WWE knows that and I have a feeling they’ll be doing something with him very soon… or they won’t and he’ll just end up being a trainer at WWE’s Performance Center. It’s a crapshoot.

Are you a fan of Curtis Axel or do you think he’s boring? How would you like to see his character handled in the future? If they don’t go the tag team route with him, I think when the Royal Rumble rolls around in a few months maybe he could still play up how he’s never been eliminated. Just an idea, but I’d like to hear yours. Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.