Correction on Location of 2017 WWE Royal Rumble – Not Los Angeles?

On Sunday morning, I wrote a news post about how the 2017 Royal Rumble would be in Los Angeles. It turned out that it’s not true.

We got the story from a reliable source in PWInsider, which is one of the best wrestling news sites there is out there. This report stated that the 2017 Royal Rumble would take place in Los Angeles on January 22. That ended up not being true. Here’s what PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, who is a good guy that I met recently, wrote about the situation.

In speaking with sources within WWE following the Money in the Bank PPV, we can confirm this was incorrect. The 2017 Rumble will NOT be in Los Angeles.

The story was also backed up by another reliable source in, who received the same information from WWE.

Where will the 2017 Royal Rumble take place? We don’t know yet.

The previous post has been deleted. I apologize for the error.