Cody Rhodes Discusses Marty Scurll, Luke Harper, Future of AEW, More

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently sat down with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT to discuss the possibility of recent free agents Luke Harper and Marty Scurll joining AEW.

In the case of Harper, Rhodes believes that he is a special talent and would do great in AEW.

“He would be great as part of AEW. He’s a name that when you hear they’ve asked for their release, you definitely think about that and the next steps, for sure. I think he’s going to flourish with what he does next, he’s very special.”

As for Marty Scurll who recently appeared for the NWA, Rhodes believes that he is just testing the waters right now.

“Marty is going to do what Marty is going to do. We all love Marty. Anything he does in the next few weeks or months, I wouldn’t look at as permanent for him. He’s very much testing the waters here and there and that’s pretty much all I can say on Marty.”

Cody Rhodes also sat down with Scott Fishman of TV Insider to discuss how important 2019 was and what his goals for AEW in 2020 are.

“For sure I know this is the time of my life. Marrying my wife is the most important day of my life, but this has been the most important year of my life. Every second of it, through a lot of blood from me particularly, sweat and tears, some frustrations here and there. This has been the time of my life. Looking at 2020, we have to expand upon the missions statement. That’s always my goal when I’m out there. The mission statement that we have to be the alternative. We can get in the weeds on counter-programming on Wednesday nights and talk about ratings and use the word war and all that stuff, but we have to stick to our mission statement of being an alternative. Be sports-centric.”

“That’s something people have been critical of here and there. The show is a buffet and sometimes the foods are vastly different. That can be a little offensive, but I just want to make sure we key in on our mission statement. And we key in on our outreach to fans. We are in a different environment. The most over roster member at AEW isn’t Chris Jericho. It’s the audience. It’s the sixth man our audience is and we have to continue to make it a safe and fun and vibrant environment. That’s the nature of this all-inclusive brand that we have. It’s about making everyone feel comfortable. I want to key in on the things that helped build us in the first place.”

Matt’s Musings: Both Luke Harper and Marty Scurll are amazing talents who are going to thrive no matter where they end up. As for AEW’s mission statement to be an alternative, I completely agree with it. AEW needs to focus on growing their brand more and less on what their competition is doing.