CM Punk Suggests Teaming With Bryan Danielson Against The Young Bucks

CM Punk is once again talking about Bryan Danielson, who he wrestled many times in the past, and this time he wants him as a partner. Danielson, who wrestled as Daniel Bryan in WWE until this past April when his contract expired, is rumored to be debuting in AEW at All Out this Sunday night.

When CM Punk debuted on AEW Rampage on August 20, it was a huge moment for AEW with the fans in Chicago giving Punk a thunderous ovation. The reports of Punk arriving in AEW came out several weeks earlier while the same thing is happening for Danielson as well. Punk is scheduled to face Darby Allin at AEW All Out on Sunday night.

During an appearance on the Oral Sessions podcast hosted by Punk’s good friend Renee Paquette, Punk was asked about wrestlers he might want to step into the ring with. Punk decided to put his fantasy booking hat on and mentioned a guy that would be the right tag team partner to face The Young Bucks, who are the current AEW Tag Team Champions. Punk explained:

“I want to wrestle The Young Bucks. I gotta find the right tag partner for that. […] I mean, if we’re fantasy booking – when’s this come out? Saturday? I don’t think it’s necessarily giving away spoilers it’s just me putting my booker hat on, of all the possibilities I would do CM Punk and the American Dragon versus The Young Bucks. It’s so obvious, that’s what you do.”

The American Dragon is the nickname that Bryan Danielson used in his career before he was a WWE superstar in 2010.

This isn’t the first time Punk has referenced Danielson. When Punk did his first promo on AEW Dynamite on August 25, the crowd chanted “YES” repeatedly during a Punk speech. The “YES” chant is most associated in pro wrestling with Daniel Bryan during his WWE run. Punk had a huge grin on his face while noting that fans might have to be a little bit more patient for that one, so he didn’t say Bryan’s name although we know what he was talking about. Punk also teased Bryan’s arrival in Instagram story posts as well.

The original reporting around Bryan Danielson going to AEW was for him to debut at the AEW Dynamite episode in New York City later this month, but that has since changed with the plans moving to where Bryan is likely going to debut at All Out this Sunday.

Punk and Bryan have a long history going back to their independent wrestling days while working for Ring of Honor and other promotions. Punk signed with WWE in 2006 while Bryan signed in 2010 and then over the next four years their paths crossed many times. Their best WWE match together was likely at Over The Limit 2012 when WWE Champion beat Bryan during a feud in which Punk’s future wife AJ Lee was heavily involved.