CM Punk On Today’s WWE – “I Don’t Like Vanilla”

CM Punk

CM Punk may well be flavour of the month in the wrestling world but the straight edge superstar says the current WWE product is anything but to his taste.

In the past few weeks rumours have run wild that the former WWE Champion could be about to make his return to wrestling following a seven year absence after he walked out on WWE in early 2014. Punk’s likely destination is All Elite Wrestling with the company booking the United Center in Punk’s hometown of Chicago for the second episode of their new show, AEW Rampage.

CM Punk famously captured the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank in 2011 in front of his fellow Chicagoans and they are no doubt anxious to see his return after selling out the venue in minutes.

Speaking as a guest on Sunday Night’s Main Event, CM Punk gave his view on the current product in WWE, saying he only watched the little he did because of his brief spell on WWE Backstage on FOX:

“No, I had to watch it a little bit when I was an analyst for FOX. But I mean… hmm, how do I say this diplomatically? Um, no, I think they’ve got some people who are super awesome and great in the ring, but you know, nothing grabs me to get me to want to watch.”

“I’m getting a little long in the tooth now. And I would much rather uplift and show love to things I like than to tear anything down. You know, you can’t say that what they’re doing is wrong. They are the most profitable they’ve ever been since their inception, so who am I to say… you know what I mean? Like… it’s ice cream, there’s 31,000 flavours, everybody gets their favourite, I just don’t like vanilla.”

During the conversation, Punk seemingly poured water on a return to pro wrestling saying he has no interest in it anymore.

H/T Wrestling Inc.