CM Punk Comments on Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion, “Best in the World” and Women Main Eventing WrestleMania

CM Punk is a former WWE Champion that had a lot of success during his run in the company from 2006 up until his departure in 2014. Has it really been over five years? Yes, it has.

Yesterday, CM Punk was a guest on the Sauce & Shram show and they posted some clips on Twitter with Punk talking about various subjects. Since we are a wrestling site focusing on WWE, here is what Punk had to say about some WWE related topics.

CM Punk was very close with Kofi Kingston during his WWE run. They traveled together for many years, they were Tag Team Champions on Raw and if you saw one of the CM Punk documentaries that WWE did during his career, they were together on Punk’s bus traveling the road. We don’t know if they are still close or if they still talk, but Punk did comment on Kofi’s WWE Title win at WrestleMania.

CM Punk on Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title win at WrestleMania:

“It should’ve happened ten years ago. You know, that’s what I’ll leave with. And it’s one of those things where yes, I’m stoked that it happened now, but again, be ahead of the curve instead of behind it.”

It’s a good point by Punk. Kingston could have been pushed harder earlier in his career and the reference to ten years ago was when Kingston was pushed against a main eventer like Randy Orton, but he did not become a bigger star for it.

Here’s what Punk had to say about Shane McMahon being billed as the “Best in the World” since last November at Crown Jewel. The nickname is something Punk used during his career and one of his runs in WWE.

“I think he’s been calling himself the best in the world. And this is the funny thing about the company, is I could say, ‘Yea that’s a little shot at me,’ And you know, it probably is, but they’d deny it until the cows come home.”

Punk also talked about the WrestleMania 35 main event that saw Becky Lynch defeat Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to leave WrestleMania with the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Titles.

“Those three women last night, put it all on the line, for everybody’s entertainment. And I think the best thing to come out of all of that is the little girls that can watch that and aspire to be something greater than what we all are.”

Well said. The impact those women have on the next generation is enormous after being in the main event of WrestleMania. It wasn’t the best women’s match or anything close to it, but being in the main event was massive for women’s wrestling.

You can hear it below.

Here are other clips of CM Punk on the show talking about Conor McGregor and baseball topics.