CM Punk Comment Leads to Twitter Feud Between AEW’s Tony Khan and WWE’s Randy Orton

CM Punk has already started dropping “Pipe Bombs” even before he appears on WWE: Backstage tonight at 11PMET. Punk sent out a Tweet yesterday talking about the struggle to try to catch up with 5yrs of wrestling. Punk stated that he is doing his best and that no one is safe from what he will talk about. At the end of the Tweet, Punk tagged both Vince McMahon and AEW President Tony Khan. It’s odd that Punk would tag Khan, who obviously has nothing to do with WWE or Fox.

Tony Khan chose to respond to this Tweet with one of his own, bringing up the Saudi Arabia controversy in the process.

This Twitter exchange got the attention of Randy Orton, who decided to respond with a Tweet of his own. Orton brought attention to an old story of corruption from Tony Khan’s father, billionaire Shahid Khan.

This caused Tony Khan to come to the defense of his father and attack Randy Orton’s character, stating that he only tags him when he is trying to get leverage and bringing up his recent use of the N word.

There was even a response to that from AEW’s Brandi Rhodes supporting her boss Tony Khan and then WWE’s Charlotte Flair chimed in too.

Finally, Orton tweeted back to Khan late last night, calling him a Jacksonville Dixie, which is a reference to former TNA/Impact owner Dixie Carter, who owned the company because of her rich family. Orton ended it by stating if he really wanted to talk business he would tag Tony’s father.

Matt’s Musings: This whole thing escalated very quickly thanks to CM Punk tagging the name of Tony Khan. These Twitter feuds are always entertaining to watch from the outside, hopefully however all parties can go back to concentrating on making their own brands better and not worrying so much about one another.