CM Punk Commemorates Roddy Piper At Special They Live Screening

Ever since CM Punk unceremoniously departed WWE, citing burnout and creative differences among other things, the beloved performer has since distanced himself from the company. even going steps further to bash the management publicly on podcasts and sue them.

Although Punk wants nothing to do with wrestling in general (he’s also busy preparing for his first MMA fight in UFC), he did take time out of his busy schedule to memorialize the late great Roddy Piper at a special screening of They Live in Jacksonville, Florida.

They Live of course contains Piper’s most memorable and recognizable role to both wrestling and film aficionados alike. It also boasts one of the greatest fight scenes of all time, alongside some deliciously cheesy one-liners such as “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Below are some tweets from CM Punk briefly discussing this once-in-a-lifetime commemorative experience.

This was very cool of CM Punk to do; it shows that even though he is hostile towards WWE (for good reason honestly) and argumentative towards more confrontational wrestling fans, he still holds respect for the friends he made during his time in the industry.

It is not, however, a sign that he is even remotely considering a WWE return. Punk seems committed to being done with wrestling, and his close friend Paul Heyman recently mentioned that there are once again no plans of him ever coming back.

We here at TJRwrestling continue to wish CM Punk the best of luck, and on a personal note I’d like to say go Cubs! Sorry John, screw your Blue Jays!