Chris Jericho Comments on New Book Covering 30-Year Wrestling Career, Will Cover 2,725 Matches From His Career, More

This year’s edition of AEW Dynamite will be a celebration of Chris Jericho’s 30-year career in professional wrestling. Jericho is a multi-time World Champion during his WWE and AEW career while also wrestling in WCW, ECW, Japan many times in big matches including for New Japan in the last few years, he wrestled a lot in Mexico and of course his home country of Canada as well. Jericho’s first match happened against longtime friend Lance Storm 30 years ago on October. Jericho posted it on Instagram on the 30 year anniversary date.

Jericho remains a top guy in AEW as we sit here one month before his 50th birthday on November 9. Will AEW celebrate that too? Probably.

Jericho had his “Saturday Night Special” show on his Youtube channel where he talks to fans about his wrestling career, music and whatever else is going on in the world. Here are some comments from Jericho talking about the new book.

I am putting out a new book based on […] this actual documentation here. This is every match I’ve ever had and I wrote them all down, starting with match one all the way to match 2,725, which will be this Wednesday on the Jericho 30 celebration edition of Dynamite. Jericho and Hager vs. Luther and Serpentico. I’m putting out a book, it’s called the Complete List of Jericho. Every single match I’ve ever had. Top 10 lists of all my favorite opponents, my favorite matches, my favorite areans, all that sort of stuff. Pictures, probably 100 pictures you’ve never seen before from my thirty-year career.” (411Wrestling)

Jericho also said that he believes it is the first book of its kind.

“Nobody has done a book like this before. The book details the location of every match I’ve had, the opponent, the money I got paid, the star rating, and the crowd.”

Jericho explained why he had the idea to write a book like this and compared it to how professional sports stats are easy to find, but it’s not the same for pro wrestling.

“During my first day at wrestling school, I asked my trainer Keith Hart how many matches he’s had in his career. He had no recollection of it and called my question dumb. I thought to myself, ‘if I want to know how many matches Wayne Gretzky has played in, I can just look it up in a book.’ That’s when I decided to start writing in details of every match in a piece of paper.”

“I believe some wrestlers started but couldn’t carry through. A lot of people have said they’ve wrestled 10,000 matches but that’s an exaggeration. I have wrestled some nights in Mexico and done 10 matches a week, and the number is still 2,725 over 30 years.” (WrestlingInc)

The information about the new book is coming this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite. Jericho explained the process.

“This Wednesday on AEW Dynamite you’re going to get all of the information on where you can pre-order the book. Because of COVID, the book won’t be available for a few more months but if you pre-order it, you’re going to get probably a 90 minute audio, kind of a podcast of me choosing random matches that you guys gave me on Twitter and discussing those matches. I did the first half of it today, it was super fun. Really enjoyed it. And I think you guys are gonna enjoy it too.”

You can watch Jericho’s Saturday Night Special show below.

TJR Thoughts: I think it’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’ve read all of Jericho’s previous books covering his career. I got an advanced copy of the last book, which I reviewed on another site. Hopefully I get a chance to do that here on TJRWrestling as well.