Chris Jericho Comments On Criticism Over WWE Raw Promo

Chris Jericho returned at last Monday night’s Raw, and promptly made his presence felt with a dueling promo with The New Day as seen here…..

There were a lot of online reports in the days after his return that voiced criticism at Jericho for using too much juvenile and sophomoric comedy against the New Day. He answered those critics on episode 210 of his Talk is Jericho podcast (click here to hear the entire podcast)

“Why [was it terrible comedy], because I started a ‘rooty tooty booty’ chant? You mean that’s not ‘if you smell what The Rock is cooking?’ level of comedy? The thing is, it works! It’s fun because it’s The New Day. Their whole gimmick is based around being goofy and I knew that I could get people to chant ‘rooty tooty booty’, so if you weren’t there and you didn’t like it, tough luck because the people in San Antonio loved it! If that’s bad humor and you didn’t laugh, oh, I’m sorry. Go watch some Kierkegaard or something like that. Go watch some Peter Sellers movies or something because I thought it was funny and it was a catchphrase that was chanted throughout the show and they’ll probably make a damn t-shirt of it.”

Some other fans called out Jericho for calling the New Day the wrong name in the same promo. Y2J goes on to claim that it was intentional as he has done it throughout his entire career.

“Yes, I called them Green Day, which some people went, ‘ah, you said the wrong name, Green Day’. Hello! Go back to see Chris Jericho’s previous promos where I mispronounce people’s names. I thought Green Day was perfect.”

Even with the criticism he has received, Jericho says he was happy with his return and that he intends to make this WWE run a long one.

“It’s not just a one-time thing. I am back, baby! I’m back for the attack, like Dokken always said, and I’m in the Royal Rumble, which is now for the World Heavyweight Championship, so maybe I’ll become a seven-time world champion. And I will say this: it’s going to be a long, wild ride. I’ve got a lot of plans, a lot of things going on.”

His return however was leaked online, even though it was supposed to be a surprise.

“I was told this was going to be a big surprise, which it was up until a certain point when somehow it leaked out online, but then even better, they have a run sheet in the back that says all the matches, you know, ‘Heath Slater versus Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens versus Adrian Neville, New Day promo interrupted by Jericho’ and that’s posted everywhere backstage. I’m like, ‘wasn’t this supposed to be a surprise? And even more so, if it wasn’t a surprise, why was I hiding in a bus in the parking lot for, like, the last three hours by myself? Right?’ Like the biggest nerd ever or the biggest snob ever. You’d think that I’m sure a lot of people were like, ‘where’s Jericho? Boy, is he ever being a snob!'”

In the podcast, he goes on to talk about how the promo had a distinct parallel to his debut promo in 1999 when he interrupted The Rock, too many “surprise” returns and his overall favorite return.

Ski’s Take – Boy it’s a good thing that Jericho has a podcast to let the public know that what he says is actually funny and works! Is it me or are too many ex-wrestlers turned podcasters think that us, the public and paying fans, aren’t allowed to criticize them? To not have an opinion on how we thought their match/promo/segment went.

Yes Jericho, we know that you’re very good on the mic, that you have the ability to put down anyone and everyone. Me personally? I thought the whole segment came off cheesy, and because of that it made The New Day look cheesy too. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, I think they’re great and are destined for greater things this year.

There was a time when the shtick he did on Monday was funny, was cool and relevant. But times have changed and moved on. There was a time when after a hiatus, Chris would come back and reinvent himself. Anyone remember the suit wearing, slow talking, heel Jericho? That was inventive, cool and surprising. Sadly, the return this past Monday wasn’t.

I’m hoping that the only way is up for him, as I truly am a fan of his. His “Man Of A 1001 Holds” promo is still gold to me this day. I’m hoping that WWE creative got hold of him before he went through the curtain and gave him a script to reel off. A more relaxed PG version of what he wanted to say. If he wasn’t accosted by them, then I worry about him and the next few months. He’s being advertised in a prominent role for future events, and with John Cena out injured, I can see him being relied upon to help steer the ship through these murky waters right now. If the crowd isn’t 100% behind him, if they see him as a cheesy old timer, then his star will be falling faster than Neville performing his Red Arrow, and WWE wont be able to use his “star” power much longer.


Thanks to WrestlingInc for the quotes.