Charlotte Flair Comments on When She Will Return to the Ring, Reason for her Absence from WWE Smackdown

Charlotte Flair is arguably the top female in WWE right now. While she’s not a current champion, she is already a 6-time Women’s Champion in WWE that is one of the biggest stars on the Smackdown brand. The fact that she’s won that many titles already is impressive considering she’s only been on the main roster for three years. She benefited from a lot of title changes with Sasha Banks on Raw in 2016 as well. Anyway, Charlotte has been out of action since June’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view with WWE choosing to ignore the reason why “The Queen” is out.

The news of Charlotte’s injury was originally a few months ago and she was able to work through it until she waited for the right time to get the procedure. She was dealing with two ruptured breast implants. Ouch.

Charlotte appeared on SiriusXM Stars’ Conversations With Maria Menounos to explain what happened with the ruptures and when she plans to return to the ring. Thanks to WrestlingInc for the quotes.

Charlotte comments on her breast implant rupture:

“So I’m 32 and when I turned 21e I always wanted boobs. I never had boobs. I had an athletic body my whole life. When I started wrestling I had saline and I popped them in the ring. When I woke up the next morning and they were gone. Then I had them re-done so I didn’t think anything of it. Well, a couple months ago I kept having this pain behind my shoulder blade. I was like, ‘this is not normal.’ I mean I did all my stretching. I did my shoulder stability exercises that my trainer told me to do — our trainers on the road. I finally went to have a mammogram and an ultrasound and the doctor said I had free-floating silicone all in my chest from both implants. So I ruptured both implants is exactly what they’d call it. I said, ‘I’ve got a lot of big things coming up.’ Like I knew I had WrestleMania, I knew I had the Body Issue. I just wasn’t going to say anything I could just wait. I finally got to have them re-done a little over four weeks ago. I just wanted that long, but the pain just got worse. I got sick a few times like that might have been from it like the silicone had gone all the way to my armpit.”

Charlotte comments on when she plans to return to the ring:

“He (the doctor) said I’d be cleared July 31st. I am definitely going to work on July 31st. It’s so hard because watching the pay-per-view last night. It’s like I’m out for a not legitimate injury — I mean it’s legitimate because the silicone was [making me sick] I mean it’s dangerous but I kept thinking to myself, ‘you did this to yourself at twenty-one.’ I know my body needed a break and it’s like ‘let the fans miss you’ or whatever. But it’s just like I’m sitting out because of my tatas (laughs).”

It’s good to know that she’ll be back in two weeks, which is a Tuesday meaning she’ll likely be on Smackdown that night. I assume that she’ll be part of SummerSlam on August 19 as well. Whether she’s in the Smackdown Women’s Title picture or doing something, it would be a surprise if Charlotte wasn’t involved in some way.

I think Charlotte is awesome and I’m glad she got this issue taken care of. It’s a sensitive topic that she doesn’t have to talk about publicly, but if we know one thing about the Flairs it’s that they aren’t shy.