Chad ‘Gunner’ Lail discusses his faith and what he has planned for the future

Former TNA star Chad ‘Gunner’ Lail recently took some time to participate in an interview with me. Lail reveals his strong connection to his faith, his growth and development as a character and his aspirations to compete in other promotions. He discusses his time and TNA, what else is in store for him in 2015. Check out excerpts of the interview below and the interview in its entirety here:

On his connection to his faith:

I think that my faith is something that is important to me. I was brought up and it wasnever something that was forced on me but something I did on my own and it’s my choice. It’s really just one of those things that whether you believe in God or a higher power or even just being a spiritual person to me all things happen for a reason. Whatever life brings me I realize it’s not the end of the world, it’s not my last day here on earth. There are bigger and better plans for me and the thing is you can’t sit home and expect people to come knock at your door. My faith really helps me realize that you better go on out there and get it. Just keep a positive attitude about life and say that one of the people I look up to most is Christ. He was a role model to me. He was and is a positive influence in my life. The things he taught, the way he walked and I just tried to model myself after that, just being a good person and to work hard to get things…

About his aspirations for the future:

I personally hope to one day compete in the WWE. That is my ultimate goal since I was 5. I really feel like even if I go and another huge goal of mine is acting. I’ve done two movies this year and I do numerous amounts of auditions every week but I think my heart lies and still does with having a WWE match and having that Wrestlemania moment. After that I can probably retire and hopefully build The Rock’s status and act as much as I can because I love acting. The beating on my body and wanting to have kids one day and enjoy them.

To read the full interview, go here.