Bull Dempsey Announces WWE Departure On Twitter

Bull Dempsey, a WWE performer in NXT for the past three years, announced on Twitter that he has left the company. He thanked WWE as well as Triple H for the opportunity and also plugged his email address for people interested in booking him for independent wrestling shows.^tfw^tfw

He was released likely because creative hasn’t really had anything for him for a while.

Bull signed with WWE in June 2013. He stood out right away because of his figure (they don’t hire many chubby guys) and when he first started to get a push in NXT, he was booked as a pretty dominant heel. Then he got beat by Baron Corbin a bunch of times, lost all of his heat and was re-cast as a babyface that was told to go on a diet. That led to the “Bullfit” gimmick where he would be shown eating junk food on TV or doing comedy bits.

It’s obvious from looking at tweets from fellow NXT wrestlers in the last hour that he was really liked by his peers. He comes across as a nice guy that loves the business and will likely get some more experience elsewhere. In some cases, being free of WWE is the best thing for a guy like him, who at 28 years of age still has a lot of years left. Maybe he’ll be back in WWE one day.

Personally, I liked watching him perform and felt like he was good in terms of getting a reaction from the crowd. The problem is, they never found a gimmick that worked. Those babyface comedy gimmicks rarely last long, so once they stuck that on him it was tough for him to overcome it.

Good luck to Bull in his future in wrestling!