Bruce Prichard Names John Cena On Mount Rushmore Of WWE Talent He’s Worked With

Bruce Prichard is one of the key decision-makers in today’s WWE with a lot of history in the company. On a recent episode of his podcast, he named four of the best talents he worked with during his career.

Prichard’s WWE journey started in 1987 in his early 20s after he worked in Houston wrestling promotions. Prichard became an on-air character in WWE as Brother Love, who was the original manager of The Undertaker at Survivor Series 1990 before Paul Bearer took over the role.

In 1991, Prichard was released by WWE and then he returned in September 1992. During that run in WWE over the next 16 years, Prichard worked backstage as part of WWE’s creative team, in talent relations and occasionally on screen as well. Following his 2008 departure, Prichard worked for Impact Wrestling in an executive role, he also worked for MLW and then he launche the very successful “Something to Wrestle Podcast” with Conrad Thompson in August 2016.

Prichard returned to WWE in February 2019 as part of the creative team. In June 2020, Prichard would become the Executive Director of Raw and Smackdown meaning he helps run WWE’s creative team under WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

During a recent episode of Bruce’s Something to Wrestle Podcast [available via Ad Free Shows], Bruce and Conrad reviewed WWE’s Unforgiven 2006 PPV from Toronto. The show was headlined by a terrific TLC match where John Cena defeated Edge to become WWE Champion again.

Prichard praised the match heavily while pointing out Cena’s performance:

“Every time John would go out, John would have a good match. John would do everything that he could to have a different match every night and experiment, and not do the same thing every night. That’s who Cena was. That’s who Cena is. I would kill to have had, you know, five guys on the roster that are like John Cena.”

When Bruce was asked if Cena would make his personal Mount Rushmore of great talents he worked with, Prichard stated that Cena belonged while adding three other big WWE names to the list.

“Absolutely. Love the guy to death. Undertaker [would also go on Bruce’s Mount Rushmore]. I’d put Austin and Rock on there [also].”

John Cena wrestled his last WWE match at SummerSlam last month when he failed to defeat Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Cena is rumored to return to WWE TV around WrestleMania season next year assuming he is free from movie, television and other commitments.