Brock Lesnar Opens Up To Paul Heyman About Return To UFC & More!

Paul Heyman conducted an interview with Brock Lesnar on the Heyman Hustle Youtube channel. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and former UFC Heavyweight Champion opened up about his upcoming return to the octagon at UFC 200 on Saturday, July 9.

When asked why he’s returning, Lesnar replied that he’s returning “because he wants to.” Lesnar admitted that he felt he was “faking it” during his last couple fights in UFC due to the discomfort and pain caused from the disease he was battling, Diverticulitis. He believes he was beaten by fighters like Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem because he was in there (the octagon) just to be in there and because he felt that his disease was more powerful than him. While mentioning that he believes he should have never lost to Velasquez or Overeem, Lesnar says that he’s not back in UFC to avenge any losses; except for the loss he suffered to Diverticulitis.

Just to get a better understanding of how serious Lesnar’s disease was at the time, it was talked about how he almost died at his brother’s house in Canada. Heyman also mentioned that Lesnar was sick well before he even stepped into the octagon, so UFC 200 will be the first time the world gets to see a healthy Brock Lesnar truly compete.

Lesnar tells Heyman that Marty Morgan will be his lead coach again and that he’s already rounding up his training team. When asked if he approaches stepping into a fight any differently at age 38 than he would in his early 30s, Lesnar replied that nothing’s different and that he doesn’t feel any older. He tells Heyman that all he knows is that he feels great and he wouldn’t call Dana White to step back into the octagon if he didn’t know he was healthy or didn’t think he would be putting “1000% percent” into it. Lesnar finishes the interview saying that he’s “all in.”

You can watch this interview in its entirety below.