BREAKING: TNA Wrestling Signs Damien Sandow (Aron Stevens)

Multiple reports have been promulgating Wednesday stating that former WWE Tag Team Champion, Damien Sandow has signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Rolling Stone posted an article earlier this evening hyping a mysterious addition to TNA’s roster, along with a video strongly hinting towards Damien Sandow — using a song very similar to Sandow’s WWE theme. “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” is expected to make his TNA debut Thursday on this week’s episode of Impact. The duration of the reported deal is not currently known to the public.

Sandow has seemingly confirmed the big signing via Twitter:

Damien Sandow was released from WWE in May after a very popular run with the company, despite only being sparsely utilized on their programming. Shortly after his release — along with several other wrestlers at the time — the President of TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter expressed interest in doing business with some of the free agents. It appears Damien Sandow was at the top of her list.

Mike’s Take: I would say this is huge news for TNA, but I’m not really feeling it. That’s nothing against Damien Sandow, his character was absolutely superb on WWE, and any wrestling fan would tell you that he is very good at what he does. His matches are good, he’s one of the few performers today who garners genuine heel heat, and is spectacularly entertaining. I just don’t trust TNA to do anything with it.

I know they have been getting a lot of publicity — often times positive, for once — with their Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy story, but that all was ridiculously stupid to me. Let’s see what they do with Sandow, but unfortunately, I fear anything TNA does at this point is too little too late for a company that just isn’t that entertaining. That being said, I wish all the best for Sandow, he seems like a sincerely cool dude, and he entertained me for years in the WWE. He deserves a big title run.

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