Bray Wyatt Suffers Injury At WWE Live Event In Italy

Bray Wyatt suffered an injury during tonight’s WWE live event in Milan, Italy. has confirmed that it is a right calf injury.

Wyatt went one-on-one with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Both men were grappling in the corner until Wyatt seemed to twist his leg the wrong way. Wyatt began to grab his leg and had a tough time moving around. Officials checked on him right away and Wyatt tried walking it off for a little, but the match had to be stopped. It was ruled a no contest. Wyatt was then helped to the back while Eric Rowan and Braun Strowman attacked Reigns. You can see below a photo of Wyatt being helped to the back and a video of the injury.

Mark’s reaction: Hopefully Bray is okay and it was just a minor injury. I watched the video above a few times now and I still can’t quite tell how Bray hurt his leg. Some people on WWE’s roster wrestle so frequently that maybe it was just a case of the body wearing down. Maybe Bray heard something in his knee pop and randomly felt a sharp pain. No one really knows yet. WWE has yet to release an official statement about Bray’s status. If they do I will make sure to keep you updated.

Update: has confirmed that it is a right calf injury. They were very brief in their statement and didn’t include much about the severity of it. Hopefully he doesn’t need surgery or anything like that. Until we find out more, fingers crossed that Bray is alright. It looked like he was just about to get a big push as an Undertaker type babyface. This was some very unfortunate timing.

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