Braun Strowman Recalls Collapsing Following WWE PPV

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman has opened up about a time he collapsed in his house following a gruelling two days of wrestling in WWE.

The former WWE Superstar was speaking about the criticism he and Bray Wyatt received for their cinematic ‘Wyatt Swamp Fight’ at Extreme Rules in 2020. At the time, Strowman was the reigning Universal Champion, however, the title was not on the line for the match. In the end, it was Wyatt who emerged victorious after dragging Strowman into the swamp, then emerging as his demonic alter-ego, ‘The Fiend’.

During an appearance on ‘Control Your Narrative‘, his first interview since being released from WWE, Strowman didn’t hold back when talking about critics of the match, which he said took 28 hours of filming.

“The criticism from the f*cking fans, and it’s not even the fans, it’s the dorks on the internet that opinion and couch-cushion book shows and do all this stuff, and just non-stop talking sh*t about what we’re trying to do.

“Listening to these guys bury and just crap all over the match , the cinematic match I had with Bray Wyatt, they say it’s the worst match of the year, the worst thing I’ve ever seen. People don’t have a clue what went into doing that. I worked for 28 hours straight, trying to get this out to our fans, get a product out to get people to take their mind off what’s going on in the world.”

The ‘Monster Among Men’ went on to explain that he wrestled on TV the next day as well. The weekend of wrestling took it’s toll on his physical health and he found himself being taken to hospital in an ambulance after collapsing in his home.

“I went to work the next day after filming it, wrestled on television. I got home that night at 12 o’clock at night, was taking a shower and collapsed in my house. I had to have an ambulance come and get me from my house because I collapsed from dehydration, I went into full body cramps. They double pulled me on the way to the emergency room, I took four liters of fluid to get myself to stop cramping, and to have to sit there, and listen to people just criticise and naysay, that’s just… it made me hate everything.”

Braun Strowman, now going by his real name of Adam Scherr, competed in his first match since leaving WWE at ‘Free The Narrative 2’. Strowman defeated another former WWE Superstar, EC3, in the main event of the show.

H/T Sportskeeda for the above transcription.