Booker T Thinks Tommaso Ciampa “Would Get Lost In The Shuffle” On WWE Main Roster

Tommaso Ciampa is the current NXT Champion and according to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, Ciampa is working for the right WWE brand as a veteran leader on NXT.

Ciampa became a two-time NXT Champion on the September 14 episode of NXT that was a relaunch of the new “NXT 2.0” with a new look and plenty of new talent. This past Tuesday on NXT, Ciampa teamed with impressive NXT 2.0 rookie Bron Breakker (who Booker T praised heavily recently) to defeat Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland in a tag team main event.

Booker T spoke about Ciampa during a recent episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast. In Booker’s opinion, Ciampa is a perfect fit for the NXT brand where he can be himself and be a mentor for younger talent that are featured in NXT 2.0:

“Tommaso Ciampa, I think if he came to the main roster, he’d get lost in the shuffle. In NXT, he’s going to be playing at a high level, he’s going to play a big role there, he’s great for those younger guys coming up that he can actually help, hopefully, mentor and guide to what is going to take for you guys to go to the next level.”

“If that’s talking bad about somebody, I wished somebody talked about me like that sometimes. A guy like Tommaso Ciampa, he’s perfect for NXT – and people can take that and look at it however they want. There, again, if someone was calling me ‘perfect’, I’d take it any day of the week.”


Recently, Ciampa talked about some of the previous comments he has made about how he would rather retire than join the main roster of WWE. Here’s part of what Ciampa said:

“I make all my decisions based on what’s good for me. I’m a realist. I understand the surgeries that I have. I feel great right now. I feel 100% super healthy, but I’m not dumb. My schedule has been fairly limited and I haven’t pushed my neck beyond its limit. I haven’t taken a crazy load or schedule. I know there’s a reason why I feel as good as I do. Any time I make any decisions to increase any load, that’s just going to play a factor in my decision. It has nothing to do with any spite or hate towards anyone. We all work for the same company. We’re friends with all those guys and girls and I enjoy watching them perform and succeed.”

At 36 years of age, Ciampa is one of the older wrestlers in NXT right now. Many of the new superstars are in their 20s like Bron Breakker, Von Wager and The Creed Brothers – Brutus & Julius among others.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription