Booker T. Explains Why Bron Breakker Is A WWE Main Roster Guy Right Now

Booker T is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer that has done it all in pro wrestling and he sees big things out of WWE NXT 2.0 rookie Bron Breakker.

Bron Breakker has only had two matches in NXT so far, but he has already impressed a lot. During the first NXT 2.0 episode on September 14, Breakker defeated established NXT star LA Knight within a few minutes. On this week’s NXT, Breakker teamed with NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa to beat Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland in tag team action. Breakker is the son of former WWE and WCW superstar Rick Steiner and the nephew of Scott Steiner. It was noted by John Canton in this week’s NXT review that Breakker sounds a lot like uncle Scott during his promos. Breakker has also stared at the NXT Title held by Ciampa man times, which is teasing a future match between the two men.

During his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about this next-generation Steiner, who is using a different name of Bron Breakker. The five-time WCW Champion and one-time World Champion in WWE Booker T made it clear that he thinks WWE needs to push Bron in a big way:

“He’s a main roster guy already. Bron Breakker, young Steiner, he’s a main roster guy right now. He’s not a guy we have to look at and wonder if he’s going to be a star or not. I’m just saying that because I’ve been impressed just from the outset. Having rhythm is something that most of the time is natural. When I look at this Breakker/Steiner kid, he can go. He doesn’t need to be packaged/repackaged, touched at all because you could tell he knows what he’s doing when he gets in the ring. That right there is second nature to him, it’s in his blood. I would just love to see that kid get the rocket put on him and send him to the moon.”

Booker knows the Steiner family since he wrestled Bron’s dad Rick and uncle Scott many times in his career including a main event feud with Scott WCW’s final months. Scott ended Booker’s first WCW Title reign in November 2000 until Booker won the title back on the last WCW Nitro episode in March 2001.

Booker T is still associated with WWE as part of the Kickoff Show panels during WWE PPV events. Booker was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame twice, first as a singles wrestler in 2013 and then as a member of the Harlem Heat tag team with his brother Stevie Ray in 2019.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription