Big Show Discusses Returning to WWE Raw, Health Issues, “Fist Fight” Match Next Week, More

After nearly a year and a half absence, the Big Show made his surprise return to Raw last night as the mystery partner of Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe when they faced the team of Seth Rollins and AOP. After being victorious in the match by disqualification, Sarah Schreiber spoke with Big Show in a post Raw interview.

Show revealed how difficult the last year and a half has been, with him going through five different surgeries on his hip over that time.

“Tonight was amazing. After going through 5 hip surgeries in a year and a half, to be able to take a phone call from a friend, a peer in the business, to come out in front of this incredible crowd tonight, and get back in the ring in almost a year and a half, and be competitive… I’m just extremely humbled and grateful.”

“They say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, and I think my faith in my career, and my faith in myself, and my faith in this business was tested for the past two years, like it’s never been tested before, and I’m just extremely grateful for the fans, and we’ll see what happens next week.”

Sarah Schreiber then informed The Big Show that he will be competing in the first ever WWE “fist fight” when he once again teams with Joe and Owens to face Rollins and AOP next week on Raw.

“Let me get this right. Somebody wanted a fist fight with me in the match? Somebody doesn’t like AOP or Seth Rollins, Oh, my gosh, that’s funny. Thank you.”

Show looked at his fist and walked away laughing.

If you’re wondering, Big Show is 47 years old and will turn 48 years old on February 8th.

Matt’s Musings: Great to see The Big Show back in a WWE ring, hopefully he can stay healthy and end his career on a positive note.

Editor’s Note: Back in July 2019, WWE had a “Rebuilding Big Show” documentary on WWE Network that I reviewed right here. It was really well done. Glad he’s doing well.