Becky Lynch Reportedly Has Asked To Work Heel

After Becky Lynch returned to WWE at SummerSlam a new report has suggested her status as a soon-to-be top heel on SmackDown came at The Man’s request.

Lynch had not competed in WWE since she retained the Raw Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36. The night after Money In The Bank saw Lynch relinquish her title to the women’s Money In The Bank winner Asuka before Lynch announced her pregnancy to the world. The Irish star and her now-husband Seth Rollins welcomed their first daughter into the world in December 2020.

For the past few months, Becky Lynch’s status as she worked towards a return to the ring has been the subject of intense discussion. But all the talk was put to one side when The Man came around inside Allegiant Stadium at SummerSlam.

With Sasha Banks unable to challenge Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Carmella was announced as her replacement despite Belair defeating her the previous night on SmackDown. The Las Vegas crowd came unglued however when Lynch’s music hit for the first time in well over a year and she made her way to the ring. Lynch then took out Carmella before challenging Belair to a title match on the spot. The EST of WWE was glad to accept but may wish she hadn’t as she lost to Becky Lynch in an astonishing 27 seconds.

Following her SummerSlam appearance, a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider made the rounds that Lynch was now considered to be one of SmackDown’s top villains despite her return receiving a raucous reception. It is believed that Lynch will continue a program with Bianca Belair for the foreseeable future.

Now Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio has given more insight into Lynch’s status, saying that it was The Man herself who asked to be turned heel:

“This was her call, and they let her make the call from what I gather. I think she saw how much fun Roman Reigns was having heel, when you’re in WWE it is more fun to be a heel. I wouldn’t say just WWE, generally speaking most wrestlers have more fun being a heel but I don’t know.”

Meltzer then invoked another famous heel turn from history that led to business dropping for the company – Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2001:

“Austin made the same decision and it was a bad one. It was a really bad one. With Becky, time will tell but it would not be my recommendation for her to be a heel right now. I guess it elevates Bianca Belair to work a program with Becky Lynch, chasing the championship where they can be in the headline spot because Becky Lynch will be a big star – she is the biggest women’s star the company’s ever had realistically. But, the last time they tried to turn her heel it ended up making her a big-time babyface so she’s going to have work very, very hard, she’s going to be fighting the crowd doing so.”

H/T Inside The Ropes