Backstage WWE Talk On Daniel Bryan’s Status

Daniel Bryan, according to some WWE talent, was expected to make his WWE return at the Royal Rumble last Sunday reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Even though Bryan hasn’t been cleared by WWE doctors many people were talking and expecting him to return.

It’s been reported that Daniel has been cleared by concussion specialists at UCLA, but not by Dr. Joseph Maroon and the WWE officials.

WWE, at one point several months ago, reportedly told Daniel Bryan that he would not be cleared and has been offered non-wrestling roles within the company. Daniel then allegedly spoke to and argued his case to Vince McMahon personally, while Vince said he probably wouldn’t be cleared but didn’t say it was 100%.

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Ski’s Take – I was one of the millions around the world hoping, waiting patiently for Daniel Bryan to emerge from the back and participate in the Royal Rumble match. When he didn’t show, I wasn’t as mad and upset as I thought I would be. Deep down I had a sneaking suspicion that he wouldn’t show, but I am ever the optimist.

It’s disheartening to hear that the best technical and arguably most popular wrestler on the WWE roster is still sat on the shelf. And by all counts, could be done as an in-ring talent.

Living over here in the UK, I don’t know that well about the huge concussion story that is major news in the US. I follow the NFL and know that there are impending lawsuits about players and concussion damage. There are also stories about former WWE stars suing WWE about concussions too, so that’s part of the reason Bryan is likely being kept away. If specialist concussion doctors have cleared Bryan then maybe there’s more to it? Are there other injuries that are preventing Uncle Vince from clearing Bryan? WWE could seriously do with Daniel’s star power, as the Roman Reigns experiment is failing once again. Reigns could once again do with the rub from Bryan to polish his star power just like last year.

All this is speculation at this moment in time, but there has to be more than the concussions keeping Bryan from active in-ring competition. What about you guys? What are your thoughts on this? Have I missed something, or am I looking too hard at the situation? Let me know in the comments section.