Ariya Daivari Apologizes for WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Segment; Claims He Received Death Threats

Ariya Daivari issued a public statement late Monday night about the storyline he took part in during the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia on Friday night. Ariya is a part of the WWE 205 Live show and he was joined by his brother Shawn Daivari, who was a former WWE superstar in the mid to late 2000s.

The brothers participated in a segment where they interrupted four Saudi Arabian wrestlers that signed WWE developmental deals. The Daivari Brothers are from Iran (American born with family from Iran), so they brought out an Iran flag and did a promo saying they were superior to Saudi Arabia. The fans hated that, so that led to the four Saudi Arabian wrestlers clearing the Daivari Brothers from the ring, which the fans loved. It was the classic cheap heat heel segment we’ve seen many times in wrestling shows. The only difference was where it took place.

Apparently, the segment upset some people because Ariya went on Twitter to issue an apology for it.

What we don’t know is if he did that on his own or if WWE encouraged him to do it.

In another tweet replying to a fan, Ariya replied to a fan by mentioning that he received death threats for what happened at the GRR event.

It’s unfortunate that Ariya had to apologize for a pro wrestling angle, but that’s what happens when fans take the business too seriously and get mad at what they see on television. It’s a reminder that every fan has their own views on what they see and react to things differently than what others may react to.

After the GRR event, Ariya tweeted that sharing the ring with his brother was a moment he’ll cherish forever.

Here’s a clip of the segment in case you missed it.