Another Tough Enough Competitor Signed By WWE?

It has been reported by that Tough Enough competitor and finalist ZZ Loupe was seen training with the developmental roster at the WWE Performance Centre. It would seem that WWE officials have signed him to a deal of some kind.

During the reality show ZZ, 19 years old and hailing from New Orleans, was seen to have trouble with his cardio and physical conditioning , which are obviously major traits to any sports person let alone a wannabe WWE Superstar. Even with those faults, he was loved by the audience, who never voted him off. And in his only bout, against Cesaro in the season finale, he did show some in ring ability.

Ski’s Take – ZZ was always going to be a fan favourite, the underdog of the show. He was coming from a background where he had never even left town, which goes to show how much of a sheltered life he had. His gator wrestling had given him a slight idea of what life in the squared circle would be like, but only a very tiny idea. I think, if nurtured he could be the new “Santino comedy act”. The personality he showed on Tough Enough would translate well onto the screen and in the ring. He would probably need a manager or valet to speak for him as his southern accent is quite thick, but that could all be a part of his gimmick. Hopefully the reports of his training with the NXT guys and girls will help him with his conditioning and in ring aptitude. You never know, Vince could have a replacement talent to show off his sophomoric humor that he impresses onto the fans (sorry, I meant WWE Universe) on a weekly basis.

Am I way off the mark here, or like me, can you see a possible comedy wrestling diamond in the rough? Let me know in the comments folks!