Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) Rants About WWE and Triple H Again

Alberto El Patron, formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE, is the current GFW/TNA Unified World Champion. He beat Bobby Lashley to merge both titles last Sunday night. During Impact Wrestling tapings over hte last week, he did post show promos ripping on WWE. It’s not new behavior because he has been doing it for months now. Del Rio took his complaints to Instagram on Saturday with this message that included threats against Triple H as well as The Usos and New Day.

Here’s the Instagram post with my thoughts after it.

TJR Thoughts: Alberto is referring to Smackdown being taped in San Antonio on Tuesday. I guess in his mind “a bunch of pussies” is easier to type than WWE? He’s unique. La Cantinita is Alberto’s restaurant that he owns in San Antonio, which is where he lives.

I assume the line The Usos made about Xavier Woods being “Rated R” in reference to the leaked sex video Woods had with Paige (who is Alberto’s fiancee) is what really pissed off Alberto. I can understand it since he is engaged to Paige, so maybe that’s what prompted this. Who knows? What happened with Woods, Paige and Brad Maddox was several years ago. Leave it in the past.

As for Alberto’s constant lines about Triple H aka “the man with the big nose” there were reports that Triple H wasn’t a huge fan of him and that’s the main reason Alberto is gone. Vince McMahon liked him a lot at least during his initial push in 2011, but as Triple H has got more power perhaps that’s why Alberto felt like he wasn’t as big a star in WWE the second time around.

I have a lot of respect for Alberto as a performer, but his inability to move on and let things go is pretty ridiculous. He has said repeatedly for weeks that he’s happy in GFW and loves it there. Great. Show it by your words on places like Instagram because this behavior where you’re threatening people is pretty silly for a nearly 40 year old man.

I don’t expect there to be any kind of altercation on Tuesday. However, in the wrestling business, you never really know.