Alberto Del Rio Comments On His WWE Departure; His Name Going Forward

Alberto Del Rio held a press conference in Mexico on Friday. It aired on Periscope and you can watch it right here if you want.

In case you missed it earlier, WWE officially parted ways with Del Rio earlier today.

Here’s a summary courtesy of and writer Joseph Currier.

  • Paige was there but didn’t sit down at the table or give any interviews.

  • Del Rio said that he didn’t feel comfortable in WWE anymore and thought about leaving for a couple of months. He wasn’t happy with his second stint with the company and was losing his passion for wrestling in WWE. He felt that he’d done everything in WWE and had nothing left to prove.

  • Del Rio asked to be released from his contract and came to a mutual agreement with the company.

  • WWE’s traditional 90 day no-compete clause doesn’t apply to Del Rio. He’s free to work in Mexico now and will be able to work in the US soon.

  • Del Rio said that he’s in negotiation with AAA, CMLL, and Elite, but doesn’t want to be exclusive to any promotion. In a point of confusion, he later said that Elite hasn’t contacted him. He only wants to work 60 matches a year and has already started to think about retirement. He wants to retire in two years and said he’s in talks to become president of an MMA promotion.

  • Del Rio would like to return to Arena Mexico.

  • The banner at the press conference identified Del Rio as Alberto El Patron. He will once again be wrestling under that name.

  • Del Rio is in negotiations for a commentating job somewhere, but didn’t specify if it was in pro wrestling or MMA.

  • Del Rio didn’t mention either his or Paige’s wellness policy suspensions.

It sounds like he’ll be pretty busy, which is no surprise. Good luck to him and Paige, who may be out of WWE as well based on rumors. It’s not official yet in her case.