AJ Styles Will Be A Guest On The Stone Cold Podcast Monday, June 20 After WWE Raw

The Stone Cold Podcast will be returning to the WWE Network on June 20, the Monday night after WWE Money in the Bank. Like previous episodes, Steve Austin’s podcast will air immediately after Raw and his guest will be none other than “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles.

Austin’s last Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network was on March 31 when he interviewed “The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley. Austin was originally supposed to interview Shane McMahon in that “Shane McMahon Tells All” podcast on May 23. However, the reigns for that interview were handed off to Mick Foley since Austin was suffering from a rotator cuff injury during that time.

Mark’s reaction: I can’t wait for June 20 to roll around so I can check out this podcast. It will be just 24 hours after Styles’ match with John Cena too, which should make for some interesting conversation. In Steve Austin’s podcast history (outside of the WWE Network), he’s never gotten the chance to interview Styles before. Seeing these two in the same room together should be something special.

I also really enjoy the way Austin conducts his podcast. A lot of the questions he asks are legitimate, hard-hitting questions and he keeps it very real with his interviewees. You can also probably expect an awkward feeding around the bush mentioning of TNA Wrestling on one or two occasions. However, due to the candidness of Austin’s podcasts, maybe they do bring it up even if it is just briefly.

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