AJ Styles Talks About Possibly Joining WWE NXT & Facing Rey Mysterio

New Japan Pro Wrestling star AJ Styles was recently a guest on former ECW Champion Taz’s podcast, The Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond. During the podcast, Styles talked about whether or not joining WWE/NXT would be a smart move for his future. The former IWGP and TNA World Champion also spoke about his desire to get in the ring with Rey Mysterio someday.

When asked about joining WWE NXT:

“At this point in my career, I’m going to go do what’s best for my family and I want to do what’s best to provide for them. So, the business that we’re in, (if) the business could be better somewhere else, then that’s where I’m going to go. That’s what I’m going to do. So, like I said, it’s a business plan. Wherever the plan takes me, that’s where I’ll go.”

Styles’ thoughts on wrestling Rey Mysterio and what’s currently preventing their potential match from happening:

“I’d like to wrestle Rey, Rey Mysterio, before he retires. I think we could have a pretty cool match and it would be a pretty big match, the two of us, so I’d probably get that done. I would imagine you would have to come off the hip with some money for Rey, but it would be fun! It depends where we do it. The problem is he works for AAA and I work for New Japan and New Japan works for CMLL, or works with CMLL, so that’s the big dilemma. It would have to be an independent [show] for us to meet.”

Thanks to WrestlingInc for the quotes.

Mark’s reaction:

Getting to see AJ Styles in the WWE one day would be pretty awesome and it seems like a possibility that may not be as farfetched as it seems. Yes, Styles is 38 years old but his career is far from over. He can still hang with any wrestler the WWE has to offer and at his age he can be a great help for the younger, greener guys on NXT.

Styles talked a lot about how he has to do what’s best for his family, which pretty much means if the money is right, he may jump ship. I’m aware that he’s getting paid a ton of money already wrestling for NJPW. However, to reiterate what he said, he’s at a point in his career where he has to do what’s best for his family. I’m sure the money is great over at NJPW, but he is in Japan. Styles was born and raised in the United States. If signing with the WWE means he gets to be closer to his family then he may pull the trigger if a contract is thrown his way.

In regards to facing Rey Mysterio, I think it would be a fun match to see for the simple fact that Styles and Mysterio are two of the greats whose careers have never crossed paths. Although Rey is much older now and not quite as quick in the ring as he once was, Styles is capable of carrying most of the match. I think the two of them could really play well off each other and give the fans something special. I’d just prefer to see it on WWE television rather than finding it somewhere on YouTube.

Do you think AJ Styles joining the WWE is likely? With the additions of Samoa Joe and James Storm, and all the great things they’ve had to say about being with the company thus far, maybe Styles feels more at ease on the possibility of joining. Would you like to see Styles in the WWE or do you prefer when a wrestler can make it big in the business without ever happening to step on WWE soil? Would you like to ever see a Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles match? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.