Adam Rose Issues Statement Regarding WWE Suspension

Adam Rose is currently serving a 60 day suspension for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy for the second time. While most superstars tend to stay quiet when they are suspended, Rose took to Twitter to post this message via the Twitlonger service.

I was not going to respond to my suspension but I feel I have to. I have two sons that will one day read that news about there daddy and a sister that died from complications related to a life long battle with heroin.

So I feel the absolute need and right to respond and let the truth be known.

I am pretty sure this response will meet nowhere near the publicity that my suspension did and that this response is tantamount to career suicide. But I feel for my sons my sister and rest of my family… you the Wwe universe have the right to the know the truth over my suspension and what it was for.

I will also quote my Dr in my response as he was as shocked and appalled by this suspension.

I can say right now I did not do anything knowingly wrong and was taking prescribed medication that my Dr and I followed all the correct protocol on.

My actual response and Doctors response will be coming soon. So before you judge, know the facts.

My family and I are still collecting ourselves from this blow. I have zero anger or animosity against the WWE. But feel the administrators over the WWE Welnness policy were just simply not right in taking this action.

But I feel facts are the facts and my family and I will will be the ones putting our lives back together after this mess.

My response will be up soon along with my Doctors.

Good for him for speaking up. There are a few spelling errors in there, but I decided to leave it as he had it.

He’s right that people may not report this response as much as the suspension, but we’re doing it because the performers have a right to say their bit regarding something personal like a suspension. People want to stick labels on these guys as “drug users” when we don’t know all the details. He may be right that it was nothing and that he’s just standing up for himself, which he has the right to do. I hope he doesn’t lose his job for it.

Does it really bother wrestling fans if somebody is using drugs anyway? It’s not a competitive pro sport or the Olympics. It’s an entertainment television show. A wrestler using PEDs is like Sylvester Stallone using them for the Rocky movies, which he probably did. Why should we really care? I don’t. I care if somebody were to abuse drugs or something like that. I just don’t think it’s that bad, but I get why WWE makes a big deal about it. They have rules that the performers have to follow. I guess Rose did not.

If you’re wondering, Rose’s first suspension happened when he was in WWE’s developmental system.

When he shares more info, we’ll let ya know. On the plus side, at least he can spend more time with his sons now. That story of his one boy on WWE’s NXT special on ESPN last year was pretty amazing. Good luck to him.