WWE: Update On Seth Rollins’ Return To The Ring; Possible Return Date? (w/TJR Thoughts)

Seth Rollins is ready to return to the ring within the next month. That’s what Vince McMahon said at a conference call last week and according to a report from PWInsider, he’s training at WWE’s Performance Center as well.

Also in the report, it was noted that WWE sources informed PWInsider that Rollins is slated to return to WWE TV the week of June 6, but could be back sooner than that if needed.

That edition of Raw on June 6 takes place in Oklahoma City and the PPV after that is Money in the Bank on June 19 in Las Vegas.

TJR Thoughts: I know it’s not his gimmick, but allow me to start the proverbial “yes” chant for this news. It’s not an advertised return, but PWInsider is a reliable site and I doubt they would have posted it without a good source.

Rollins tore his ACL/MCL during the European tour on my birthday on November 4. I remember it well because here I was having this good day and then one of my favorite wrestlers – who is also the two time Johnny Award winner for Best Wrestler – suffered this injury that would put him down for 6-9 months. It’s past seven months now, so a return in early June would put it at eight months, which seems about right. I’m a fan of other sports too and most guys don’t come back from stuff like that in six months. The 7-8 month range is ideal. Rollins is a superior athlete, so I have no doubt that he’s been training his ass off.

I’m excited about his return. In addition to Rollins, McMahon said that John Cena and Randy Orton should be back within a month too. The WWE roster is already strong right now, but the presence of those guys will help. Cena’s scheduled for the May 30 edition of Raw. I think they might hold off on announcing a date for Rollins. I guess we’ll see in June.

Who does Rollins go after when he comes back? I’m not sure, but Triple H makes the most sense. They could also put him back in the WWE Title picture right away. I assume he’ll be a face upon his return because he’s been gone so long that the crowd will cheer him a lot. I wouldn’t be opposed to having him go after Roman Reigns or AJ Styles very early as well. If they need a heel opponent, Kevin Owens or Chris Jericho would work too.

The timing is interesting as well because he’d be back for the Money in the Bank PPV as well. He doesn’t have to win it, but his presence would help the match seem like a bigger deal.

Are you excited about his return? Let us know.