WWE Superstar Adam Rose Arrested In Florida (Suspended by WWE)

WWE Superstar Adam Rose of The Social Outcasts is currently serving a 60-day suspension from the company. He was suspended for approximately two months due to violating WWE’s Wellness Policy for the second time. Since his suspension, Rose has been very vocal through social media about how he feels that his suspension is unjust and that he did not do anything wrong. He even recently posted a hand written note from his doctor on Twitter which explains his treatment for ADHD and the drugs prescribed for it. Needless to say, Rose has had a tough go of it as of late. Unfortunately, it’s just gotten even tougher.

Rose was arrested at a private residence early this morning (1:30 am) in Lutz, Florida by The Hillsborough Florida Sheriff’s Department. The charges he was brought up on was tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence. According to an update from PWInsider, Rose was released from custody at 11:06 am EST.

In a further update from PWInsider, they acquired the criminal report affidavit filed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office in Florida.

According to the report, Leppan and his wife were involved in an argument about the state of their marriage when he grabbed her face with his hands and pulled her close to his face as he screamed at her. His wife dialed 911 from their home phone but Leppan took the phone from her to prevent her from reporting the incident. According to the arresting officers, Leppan admitted he took the phone from his wife. Leppan grabbing the phone from his wife resulted in the tampering with a witness charge. That is a felony in the state of Florida.


Later on Wednesday, WWE issued this statement about Rose.

“WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Raymond Leppan has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”

Mark’s reaction: I don’t expect Rose to keep his job with WWE after this incident. If he was already in deep with WWE after speaking out against them, then this will likely be the nail in the coffin. I hope everything works out for Rose. I watched ESPN’s E:60 documentary on NXT last year where Rose and his family were featured prominently. From watching that, it seems like he has such a sweet family; so I hope he can get it together for their sake.

Picture used above is courtesy of WWE.com.