WWE News: Shawn Michaels Turned Down WrestleMania 33 Match With AJ Styles (TJR Thoughts Included)

Shawn Michaels, the WWE Hall of Famer that is arguably the greatest in-ring performer in WWE history, appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and spoke about a match that he was offered for this year’s WrestleMania against AJ Styles.

Here’s how Michaels explained it:

“I guess I’m breaking something with you and I don’t even know if I should, but I could have had that match. They didn’t have an opponent for AJ at WrestleMania. I said that I hadn’t been asked because I hadn’t—but then I was.”

“I said, I wish that young man was here 10 years ago, man. I honestly do. I think he’s very talented.”

Michaels retired in 2010 after losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. He hasn’t had a match since even though WWE has likely asked him several times in the last seven years.

Last October, AJ Styles shared a fan’s graphic suggesting a Styles/Michaels match at the Royal Rumble since it was Shawn’s hometown of San Antonio. It didn’t happen, but it got a lot of people talking.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes using the link below.

TJR Thoughts: It would have been amazing to see, but I can understand why Michaels would pass on it. He’s going to be 52 years old in a few months. Just because he was the best wrestler that I’ve ever seen doesn’t mean he’s still going to have it seven years later. On the other hand, I hate him (in a joking way) for not saying yes because that is a dream match for a lot of people and would have been the most interesting match at this year’s WrestleMania if it happened.

I think it’s a case of Shawn not wanting to look bad out there now that he’s been retired for seven years. Like he said, if Styles was there ten years ago then they would have had incredible matches together. It’s too bad they never had a match and likely never will.