WWE News on Backstage Incident Between Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho at SummerSlam

There was apparently a face-off of sorts between Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho following last night’s SummerSlam event. The report comes from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer/F4WOnline.com and provides a lot of details on what happened. It also provides information on what what was planned at SummerSlam. In case you missed SummerSlam, the show ended with Lesnar beating Randy Orton by TKO due to a nasty cut on Orton’s head caused by Lesnar’s elbows. Here’s what Meltzer reported:

The ending of the Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar SummerSlam match, which went pretty much as planned, led to a verbal and somewhat physical confrontation between Lesnar and Chris Jericho last night.

According to multiple sources, Jericho came to the gorilla position just as the match ended, apparently to see if Orton was okay and to find out what exactly happened. He asked Michael Hayes what the finish was or if that was the finish. Hayes wouldn’t answer him at which point Jericho said, “That’s bullsh*t.”

Jericho said that just as Lesnar came back from the ring. Lesnar thought he was talking about his match, and called Jericho a pussy according to one version, or “shut up” according to another, and to mind his own business. The two got face-to-face and started exchanging words, with one version saying they were shouting at each other the whole time.

Lesnar pushed Jericho with his fingers, and Jericho did what was described as the “Rousey-Tate” forehead press. One version also had Jericho shoving Lesnar to the wall at one point.

They got tangled up against the wall and Lesnar told Jericho to punch him or kiss him. Paul “HHH” Levesque jumped in quickly and broke it up. It was heated enough that they went back at it at which time Vince McMahon broke it up. Jericho started yelling about Lesnar and McMahon told Jericho that it was all a work and to be professional.

Levesque reportedly told McMahon that Lesnar started it, and Jericho was just standing up for himself but there were more words exchanged.

Jericho saw Orton and got mad, which everyone noted was because he was concerned with Orton’s health and safety. Orton reportedly assured him that he knew the way everything was coming.

That’s pretty crazy. A couple of thoughts from me:

– Nice to know Jericho was concerned about his friend Randy. WWE likely didn’t let a lot of people in on the finish, so Jericho was probably unaware of if it was a legit situation or part of the story.

– The fact that Triple H and Vince McMahon had to get involved shows that things were pretty heated. Jericho standing up to Lesnar sounds scary as hell, but shows how much toughness Jericho has.

– McMahon telling Jericho it was all a work should answer some questions for people questioning what the angle was all about.

– I wonder if Jericho will mention it on his podcast this week. He never shies away from talking about anything, so it will be interesting to hear if he mentions this.

This was just the first report of this story. It’s likely going to get a lot of attention in the coming days. I think Lesnar and Jericho could sort it out because it was a case of Jericho not knowing the story and thinking Lesnar was hurting Orton, but if Orton told Jericho he knew it was coming then that should make things easier to deal with.